Claouriot Dubourg

Claouriot Dubourg from Saint-Symphorien (33) is listed on page 28 and 43 of Lothaire Mabru's book "La bagemuse des landes de Gascogne", Belin-Beliet, Center Lapios du Bazadais, "Les Amis du Bazadais" 1986 edition.

“… Two other musicians played bagpipes at Saint-Symphorien: the father and son Dubourg, the first born in 1843; the second named Claouriot, born in 1869 and died shortly before 1939. They both take part in the competitions of Bounloures (bohas) of Saint-Symphorien in 1889, and are classified second ex-æquo.

They probably took part in the Villandraut competition of 1888, since "Le Conservateur du Bazadais" presents them as both, first prize from Villandraut. Claouriot Dubourg is still remembered today and we remember that he played the bagpipe during the pork kill, which was also an opportunity to party and dance ”.

His Bohaussac


This instrument includes:

- the recently-made sheathed skin bag,
- the boxwood pihet decorated with colored wax and reinforced with pewter,
- the stump of the pihet attached to the pocket is in fruit wood inlaid with pewter,
- a second stump in fruit wood and encrusted with pewter,
- the blowpipe (bohet),
- the stump of the blowpipe decorated with tin.

The reeds and the removable part of the brunidèir are missing.

This instrument, studied on November 16, 2011 by Patrick Burbaud, is exhibited at the Aquitaine Museum in Bordeaux. This is a loan from the Bohaires de Gasconha association.