Our thanks to all those who, by their collaboration, have facilitated the creation of this virtual museum

Bohaires de Gasconha

Mr. Jean Pascal LERICHE president of the Bohaires de Gaconha association
who carried out the research part of the instruments and the contacts with
private depositories to obtain their availability,
M. Yves POUYSEGUR who participated in the documentary research.
M. Jacques and Mrs. Maryvonne BAUDOIN who allowed access to the boha
by Jean Blanchard.
M. Frédéric VIGOUROUX, for his help on the so-called Mivielle boha and
on the search for a technique for raising the reeds,
M. Pascal PETITPREZ factor at COMDT Toulouse Midi-Pyrénées for his advice
in terms of technique for taking measurements on bohas.


Mme Marie-Pierre CHAUMET-SARKISSIAN, Department of Decorative Arts,
Museum Paul Dupuy
Toulouse (31),
adjointe du conservateur,
MUPOP (Popular Music Museum)
Montluçon (03),
Mme Sabrina PAUMIER, Régisseur des dépôts,
Center for Conservation and Documentary Resources - MUCEM
Marseille (13),
Mme Florence RAGUENES, Conservatrice,
Marquèze Ecomuseum
Sabres (40)

Collectors and heirs

M. Dominique BOUGÉ, Factor-collector - St Vran (22),
Mme Ginette CARUETTE - Bourriot-Bergonce (40),
M. and Mrs CORRIERI,
M. Yan COZIAN - Musician, teacher - Soustons (40),
M. Gilbert DARDEY - Bascons (40),

And also

M. Pierre CORBEFIN who directed our research for the bohas of Mondineu,
M. Lothaire MABRU for all of his research and publications on boha.
M. Bernard Desblancs factor of the COMDT Toulouse Midi-Pyrénées