BdG-2011-1 & 2015-2 - BLANCHARD

Jean Blanchard

Jean BLANCHARD known as "Lou little godfather" was born on November 19, 1838 in Estigarde was a miller in Bourriot Bergonce (40). He died there on December 2, 1929 at the age of 91.

His boha which is complete, served as a model in 1973, to reconstruct the new revivalist instruments.

On the day of the latter's readings, Mrs. Ginette Caruette presented us with a second pihet, totally unknown, which she found in her grandfather's belongings.

Jean Blanchard
Carte J. Blanchard

The comments written on the back of the photo are from Ms Carruette:
"in the center playing the bagpipe
known in gascony language as "bouhique"
Blanchard Jean
nammed Jeantil
born in Estigarde on 19-11-1838
died in Bourriot on 02-12-1929"

His Bohaussacs

His instruments, presented on this site are complete for the first:


and partial for the second because only the pihet was found:


The first boha that we see in the photo opposite includes:

- the boxwood pihet decorated with colored wax and reinforced with pewter,
- two reeds with tongue attached to a tin support,
- the removable part of the brunidèir decorated with pewter,
- the stump of the boxwood inlaid with pewter,
- the blowpipe (bohet), and its stump decorated with pewter.

It just lacks the tool that can be seen attached to the brunidèir in the photo.

The second boha only includes the pihet.
These instruments are kept by the great granddaughter of the piper, Mme Ginette Caruette.
They were studied at Bourriot-Bergonce on November 09, 2015 by Patrick Burbaud in the presence of Ms. Ginette Caruette and Jacques Baudoin.