On the bohas, there are two "simple" type reeds, i.e. a strip
vibrating on a cylindrical body plugged at one end. A reed for
the Melodic Pipe and one for the Semi-Melodic Pipe.

There are two types of manufacture which correspond respectively to the name
of idioglotal reed and added tongue reed.

An idioglotal reed is made in one piece, a reed tube
clogged at one end and part of which has been lifted (without detaching it)
in order to obtain a vibrating lamella.

A reed with attached tongue consists of two parts, the cylindrical body
plugged at one end and the lamella inserted and fixed with the aid
of tow or sticky wire. The body of this type of reed is usually
in reed like the slat or in pewter on some old bohas.

One end of the reed should be closed. For this we use
a cork or wood stopper or the natural stopper with
level of a reed knot. To perfect the tightness of this stopper
it is possible to deposit (hot) a layer of wax covering
this end.

Nowadays, we use composite materials like plexiglass
for the body and carbon for the sipe.

There is also an important element in any type of simple reed,
is the "light" which lets the air pass under the slat.